Academic Merit Bursaries:

Enquiries: 016 910 3134

The discount below applies only on the basis of your final Grade 12 marks and is calculated automatically.

Student’s average: 75% – 79%
Awarded: 40% of tuition fees

Student’s average: 80% – 84%
Awarded: 75% of tuition fees

Student’s average: 85% – 89%
Awarded: 100% of tuition fees

Student’s average: 90%+
Awarded: 110% of tuition fees

Senior Academic Bursaries:

Are awarded on the basis of achievement from the second year of study.

Student’s average: 70% - 74%
Awarded: 25% of tuition fees

Student’s average: 75% - 100%
Awarded: 50% of tuition fees

Leadership Bursaries:

Head boy/girl receives a once off bursary of R3500 payable in the first year of study.

Support Bursaries:

Bursary for the physically disabled student – Student receives 25% of tuition fees for the duration of the study period.
Orphan and foster care bursary: The value of the bursary is 25% of class fees.

Family bursary:

Second student: 15% of tuition fees
Third student: 20% of tuition fees
Fourth student: 25% of tuition fees
Fifth student: 30% of tuition fees

Distance Bursaries:

Distance: 150 km to 250 km
Awarded: R450

Distance: 251 to 400 km
Awarded: R550

Distance: 401 km to 500 km
Awarded: R650

Distance: 501 km to 700 km
Awarded: R750

Distance: 701 km to 800 km
Awarded: R850

Distance: 801 km to 1 000 km
Awarded: R950

Distance: 1 001 km to 1 200 km
Awarded: R1050

Distance: 1 201 km and further
Awarded: R1150

NSFAS Bursary-Loan:

The bursary-loan scheme can assist students that want to come to the university but they don’t have the finance. The amount awarded differs according to each individual’s personal profile.

Tel: (016) 910 3134

FUNZA LUSHAKA Education Bursaries:

Tel: (016) 910 3134

Website: www.eduloan.co.za


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