1. I didn't get placed in a residence - WHAT NOW?
Answer: Follow this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmLNPRxfkiY&feature=channel_video_title

2. Do I have a reservation in a hostel?
Answer: Hostel applications close 30 June, the selection process takes place during July and the result will be communicated to you at the end of August.

3. Have I been accepted yet/ How is my application progressing?
Answer: Contact the Admissions Office at (018) 299 2636/4262.

4. Where do I obtain an application form?
Answer: Complete the enquiry form on the mobi or go to the link: HOW DO I APPLY?

5. When do selection tests take place?

Selection test dates for: B.Pharm, BCur, B.ART ET SCIEN(Planning), BEd, Consumer Sciences, Nutrition, Law


May 28 09:00 - F1 Building, Senate Hall (except BPharm and B.ART ET SCIEN (Planning)
June 27 09:00 - F1 Building, Senate Hall
July 2 9:00 - Building E8, David Dup (BEd)
July 11 09:00 - F1 Building, Senate Hall
August 9 09:00 - Building E8, David Dup
July 12 9:00 - Orange Girls
August 1 14:15 - Bredasdorp High School
August 2 9:00 - Port Natal High School
July 31 09:00 - Outeniqua High School
July 19 9:00 - High Diamond Field
Namibia (Windhoek):
July 20 09:00 - Windhoek High School
August 9 09:00 - Nelspruit High School
August 9 09:00 - Heuwelkruin College
Richards Bay:
August 1 09:00 - Richards Bay High School
3 August 11:00 - MATIES Library Auditorium
July 30 9:00 - Sentinel High School
July 17 09:00 - Upington

Each candidate has to contact Student Counselling Services at (018) 299 4028/2893 for more information concerning times and venues where you have to report.
NB Please take note that selection tests cannot be taken without an appointment.


Selection test dates for Engineering:

Potchefstroom (4-8 July; 11-15 July; 8-15 Aug; 08:00 - 14:00; Mechanical Engineering)

Mrs. Sonette Becker can be contacted at 018 299 1318 for information concerning Engineering tests.

Selection Test date for Social Work:

Potchefstroom (13 Aug)

Successful candidates in the first phase of the selection process must confirm their invitation to the selection tests at least four weeks prior to the date of the selection tests with Dr MM Steyn at telephone number (018) 299 1684.
Please take not that NO selection can be done without the candidate having received an invitation.

6. What is the progress of my application?

Contact the Admissions office at: (018) 299 2458/4262