Course costs:
Estimated costs for 2011

    BCom Accounting - R13,745
    BCom Transport Economics - R14,520
    BCom Extended  4 years - R14,321
    BAdmin - R12,100
    LLB - R13,332
    BEd - R12,018
    BSc Biology - R14,597
    BSc Computer Science - R13,387
    BSc Agriculture - R13,310
    Diploma in Animal Health - R12,100
    BA Social Work - R13,376
    BA Communications - R16,984
    BA CTSD (Conservation, Tourism and Sustainable Development) - R12,100

Boarding fees:
Estimated costs for 2011

    On campus residence - R8,000 per annum
    Undergraduate students
    On campus residence - R9,200 per annum
    Postgraduate students
    Gloria Park - R16,100 per annum

Meal fees:

    Men: ± R1 300/month
    Women: ± R1 000/month

Minimum fees payable on arrival for 2011

The initial amount payable on registration is R4,350, consisting of a Registration (Enrolment) fee of R850 and an initial deposit of R3,500 for tuition fees.

Students staying in residences will have to pay the minimum amount of R4,350 as set out above and, in addition, 50% of the annual residence fees.

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